Our Original kombucha is made from organic black tea and organic cane sugar. We ferment our kombucha for at least two weeks to produce a rich, hearty brew that pours like a beer and can be enjoyed on its own or with a splash of your favorite fruit juice.


Our Green Tea Kombucha is made from organic green tea and organic cane sugar. Green tea is loaded with antioxidants which are known to protect the body against disease and are an important part of a healthy diet. Green tea kombucha is a light, refreshing beverage that can be enjoyed anytime.


The origins of kombucha go back at least 2,000 years to ancient China where it was known by such names as the “Immortal Health Elixir”, the “Tea of Immortality” and even “Stomach Treasure” – the later name probably came about due to the large amount of probiotic organisms in kombucha that are known to promote a healthy stomach and digestive tract. Legends abound regarding the origins of kombucha – one story claims that a Korean doctor presented kombucha to the Japanese Emperor Inyoko in 414AD and the Samurai warriors of ancient Japan would drink it for energy prior to battle. From Asia, Kombucha traveled the Silk Road to Russia and Europe and was known as “grib” and “tea kvass” in 19th century Ukraine and Russia. In the 1960’s, Swiss research confirmed the health benefits of drinking kombucha, providing another boost to its popularity – in modern times kombucha is enjoyed all around the planet.

  • 5 star review  This kombucha is now my favourite drink! It has a great refreshing taste...... and there is nothing artificial about it. Cant be beaten!!

    thumb Serena Young

    5 star review  Traditional-style kombucha, no sugary juices added, brewed just as it should be!

    thumb Mark Young

    5 star review  I've tried MANY different types of kombucha over the years and this is most definitely the best. My personal favourite is the black tea, so delicious and unbelievably good for health! How can that be!? Usually anything so delicious is bad for us!

    thumb Chris B

    5 star review  Love this drink!! It has now replaced my drink of choice which was, for many years, diet colas. I can now still enjoy a great tasting, fizzy/sparkling drink without any of the chemicals & with health benefits to boost. Love it!! Fran

    thumb Frances Bowran
  • 5 star review  I had heard about kombucha and its many health benefits but had struggled to find one I could drink on a daily basis, my favourite is the original one! Great taste, easy to drink and great for your stomach! Couldn’t recommend enough!

    thumb Nichola Seddon

    5 star review  Nothing tastes better than a Brew Loka Kombucha after a hot yoga class! It's exactly what our bodies crave. It's energizing and rejuvenating, improves our health, and it tastes great – we're hooked!

    thumb Hot Yoga Studio

    5 star review  The clean ingredients in this light, refreshing drink has replaced all of our usual favourites. Great to have a healthy carbonated drink in the fridge for a change!

    thumb Chris Walton

    5 star review  This Kombucha is the best I have ever had. It is full of flavour, refreshing and the added bonus of being good for your digestion and overall health. I cannot recommend it highly enough. What a find.

    thumb graham brew